Descripción del programa:

Today's communicator training requires agile programs that allow them to face a competitive and demanding world of work. At the same time, universities are facing the increasingly demanding challenge of training communicators with a broad knowledge of culture in general, mastery of communication technologies and capable of creating their own company.

The Baccalaureate in Social Communication in the Web will train a social communicator with the necessary skills to join the communications industry. Concentration courses include: digital video and sound production, media writing, photography, graphic design, web page design. Also, the courses of Social Sciences and Humanities will form a critical communicator, knowledgeable of their social environment. The program will connect you to a world of knowledge that you can practice in journalism, public relations, marketing and advertising. We have designed an Economics course for communicators. The baccalaureate also includes a series of courses on entrepreneurship and media administration. This baccalaureate is the only one in Puerto Rico that contemplates media convergence in its training, as required by the Internet and that prepares a 360º communicator that is the one that integrates the brand into all its communication products.