Descripción del programa:

The Professional Pilot Technology program is an associate degree certified in Part 141 by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a “Ground Pilot School”, which aims to train professionals in the field of Aviation. In this degree, you will develop skills and knowledge that will enable you to face the challenges and theoretical exams before the FAA, and obtain your “Student Pilot” license, prior to flying an aircraft. At the same time, we promote the necessary skills to enroll in flight training with the accompaniment of our Chief Instructor, who will support you throughout your process of obtaining the Private Pilot, Instrument Pilot and Commercial Pilot licenses, in cooperation with the flight academy " Isla Grande Flying School ”, according to an agreement with UAGM Recinto de +. In addition, you gain expert knowledge related to radio communications, navigation systems and procedures, airline safety and traffic regulations, and government rules and regulations regarding the piloting of aircraft.