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Program mission

Excellence. Leadership. Athletics.

We aspire to make our institution a leader among universities in Puerto Rico by offering our students sports opportunities scholarships that promote their academic potential, their ethical values, and their integration into the workforce.

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Edgar Díaz Díaz
Athletic Director


Carolina García Martínez
Fiscal Effectivity Specialist

Sports disciplines

UAGM has a variety of sports disciplines in our different locations. The following is a list of disciplines practiced each semester.

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First semester

  • Women’s and Men’s Volleyball
  • Women’s and Men’s Athletics
  • Women’s and Men’s Swimming (short pool)
  • Women’s and Men’s Weightlifting
  • Men’s Baseball
  • Men’s Wrestling
  • Men’s Soccer
  • Women’s and Men’s Track and Field
  • Women’s and Men’s Taekwondo
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Second semester

  • Relay Championships – Athletics
  • Women’s and Men’s Athletics (JUSTAS)
  • Women’s and Men’s Swimming 
  • Women’s and Men’s Table Tennis
  • Women’s Softball
  • Women’s and Men’s Judo
  • Women’s and Men’s Basketball
  • Women’s Soccer
  • Women’s and Men’s Beach Volleyball

Sports scholarships

Requirements, process, and documents to apply for a sports scholarship.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be a high school student or a student from any higher education institution accredited by the Puerto Rico Education Council or recognized by the Puerto Rico Department of Education or the U.S. Department of Education.
  • If you are a foreign student or don’t have U.S. citizenship, you must have a current student visa. 
  • You need to meet the institution’s admissions requirements and the eligibility requirements of the Inter-University Athletic League (Liga Atlética Interuniversitaria - LAI). 
  • File your FAFSA application to determine eligibility and complete the athlete’s questionnaire. 
  • Be evaluated in the discipline in which you compete. 
  • The maximum study period for a sports scholarship beneficiary should not exceed five (5) years, according to Article 70 of the Inter-University Athletic League’s (Liga Atlética Interuniversitaria - LAI) bylaws. Any student benefiting from a sports scholarship must comply with all policies, norms, and regulations of the institution. Sports scholarships at Universidad Ana G. Méndez apply only to undergraduate students.
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Apply today for a sports scholarship at UAGM.

Application process

  • All prospective student athletes must fill out a questionnaire. They can request it at the Athletics Office in their campus.
  • They must complete the admissions application and hand in all documents to evaluate their admission. 
  • Complete the FAFSA. 
  • Participate in a tryout, according to their sports discipline. The deputy director of sports or the coach of the sport discipline on campus will evaluate the information and documentation presented and will extend an invitation for a tryout to the chosen prospective student athletes.
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Required documents

Students must present the following documents as part of the process to grant a sports scholarship:

  • Medical history questionnaire 
  • Evidence of health insurance
  • Fill out the direct deposit form
  • Complete a housing or university housing agreement (as applicable)
  • Acknowledgement of having received the following documents: 
    • Student regulations, policies, and norms of the institution
    • Manual for Student Athletes
    • Inter-University Athletic League (Liga Atlética Interuniversitaria - LAI) Bylaws 
    • Training Agreement
    • Athlete’s Participation Plan
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Granting the sports scholarship 

  • The student who passes the athletic evaluation process will receive a letter defining the benefits of the sports scholarship provided by the institution. 
  • The student will have three calendar days from the date of the notice to accept his/her offer letter. The acceptance must be signed by a parent or guardian if the student athlete is underage.
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Athletic achievements

In our first year participating in the Inter-University Athletic League (Liga Atlética Interuniversitaria - LAI) we enjoyed fantastic individual and collective athletic achievements. Here’s a summary of our achievements during the 2019-2020 academic year:

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  • Women’s Volleyball
  • Men’s Volleyball
  • Baseball
  • Men’s Track and Field
  • Men’s Weightlifting
  • Men’s Relays
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Sub Championships

  • Women’s Taekwondo
  • Men’s Taekwondo
  • Women’s Relays

We also won third place in: Women’s Track and Field, Women’s Weightlifting, and Men’s Wrestling.