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International affairs

We facilitate the participation of UAGM students, faculty, and administrators in the processes of international education, in and outside of Puerto Rico.

The Declaration of Portugal, signed by UAGM’s board of directors in 2012 in Lisbon, Portugal, proposes the internationalization of the university community by breaking cultural, religious, economic, and philosophical barriers through the development of policies, curricula, and activities with an international perspective for students and faculty. 


  • Academic programs abroad for our students, faculty, and administrators.
  • Educational programs and international scholarships.
  • Internationalization of the curriculum.
  • Fulbright Scholars Program and Visiting International Academics and Professionals Program.
  • Alliances with federal agencies, non-profit organizations, corporations, and international organizations.
  • International collaboration agreements with universities and entities all over the world.
  • International scholarships and external resources search.
foto de grupo de estudiantes


Carolyn Garín
Director of International Affairs / Carolina Campus


Dra. Zaida Vega Lugo​
Director of International Affairs / Cupey Campus


Vanessa M. Anguita Alvarado
Interim Director of International Affairs / Gurabo Campus