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Academic support and tutoring services

If you need help in reaching your academic goals, we have programs at each of our campuses to provide you the support you need to develop your skills and successfully complete your study plan.

group of students studying together

AT UAGM, we have learning and academic services centers in all our campuses.


Learning and Academic Services Center (Centro de aprendizaje y servicios académicos -CASA) – Gurabo Campus

At our Learning and Academic Services Center (CASA) we offer support services in person and virtually to all students enrolled in “high risk” courses, such as: Math, Physics, Biology, Engineering, Health, and others. Services are offered by peer mentors (other students), on an individual or group basis. 

Learning and Academic Services Center (Centro de aprendizaje y servicios académicos -CASA) – Cupey Campus

Our peer tutoring program is a support component to help our students succeed academically. The job of our tutors is to help stimulate your capabilities and thought processes by selecting and applying efficient learning resources and strategies. 

Academic Excellence Resources Center (Centro de recursos para la excelencia educativa -CREE) – Carolina Campus

At our Academic Excellence Resources Center (CREE) we offer students the support they need to develop their basic skills, while they practice independent learning techniques to help them succeed and grow, both academically and professionally. This is achieved by the proper placement of students in basic skills courses and providing personalized follow-ups.