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Frequently asked questions

Starting college can be an exciting time for a student, but it can also create a lot of uncertainty for both the student and the parents. Students may become anxious and parents can worry about their child leaving home.

The good news is that this is all very normal!

Universidad Ana G. Méndez wants to ensure that students experience a smooth transition into college life, but also assure parents and guardians that their child will be well taken care of and that he/she will receive an education of excellence.

For your peace of mind, we have developed a parents’ assistance section in the Student Services area. There, we can offer you support and answer any questions regarding your child’s transition into college life. We also provide orientation and tutoring services.

The PARES program of our Quality of Life Office, will lend you the support you need. This program is designed to ease the transition process for both students and their families by promoting professional relationships between first-year students and more experienced students. Students and their families can meet MENTORS and exchange information and contacts. We encourage parents and family members to work together with their child’s peers to ensure his/her success while attending UAGM.

He/she should contact the Student Affairs Office and set up an appointment to enjoy the free tutoring benefit. All tutoring relationships are professional ones and require confidentiality regarding students, as stipulated in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Aside from the different activities in which parents and family members can get involved, we encourage the family to help students develop their own sense of independence. Remind your child about all the resources, aside from the free tutoring services, that UAGM offers him/her, such as academic workshops and educational activities. Having a child in college is not always easy for the family; that’s why we’re here to ensure that your child can get the information that will help him/her develop academically and professionally.

We know that your child’s safety is important, and at UAGM we make it a priority. We have security guards 24/7, a security camera monitoring system, well-lit common areas, and the E-LEARTS system. In addition, our university offers the Elerts See Say mobile application to report suspicious or criminal activity, as well as emergencies. Students also have the option of calling the campus security office directly to activate the virtual escort option and transmit their location in case they may need any help. The security officer receives the information on a digital switchboard and can start a conversation with the user of the application. The app can be downloaded from Google Play for Android phones and from iTunes for Apple users. For more information on campus safety, click here

The question about paying for an education can be a determining factor when choosing a university. Universidad Ana G. Méndez can help you with that. The first step is to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at From there, you may qualify not only for federal aid, but also for other assistance such as legislative grants, work and study programs offered by the university, and other programs. The application is available every year starting in October. The sooner you complete it, the better, since there are many funds available for the first students who apply.

At Universidad Ana G. Méndez we want your child to be at ease, knowing that he/she will have access to technological tools that facilitate student life. We have an electronic library with technical support, accessible at all campuses, regardless of where the student is enrolled. To access the electronic library, click here. We also offer WiFi in all our campuses and locations. Plus, when you study at UAGM, you get free access to software such as Windows, Excel, PowerPoint that students can use at no cost throughout their college careers.