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Choosing a career

Help your students chart their future, guiding them in the selection of their career!
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Help your students chart their future, guiding them in the selection of their career!

To make the right decision, it is important to identify, along with the student, the capabilities and occupational areas that best relate to interests and style of the student. There are numerous options available, so it is best to identify a career that the student will be passionate about.

Serving as mentor and helping students answer their concerns can help them choose their best option. Here is a list of steps that will help you guide students in their decision-making process and having a successful college career.

  1. Reflection - Invite students to ask themselves the following questions: Why do I want to study a career? What area of study grabs my attention? What type of job do I want to have and what are my objectives with it? How do I see myself in 5 or 10 years? What is the demand for labor in the career I want to pursue? 
  2. Self-analysis – Help them analyze their personality. If they’re an introvert person, if they like to read, if they are analytical, controversial, if they like team work or would rather work alone. Being able to identify their strengths, weaknesses and capabilities is crucial in this process.
  3. Research – Research the career options that match those strengths and capabilities. Click here to see all the academic programs at UAGM; they go from short careers, to Bachelor’s and even doctoral programs for those who want to specialize in their field.
  4. Visit the university – It is recommended that, at this stage of the process, students coordinate a visit to the university to see the physical facilities and laboratories related to their careers. A personalized visit can be coordinated by e-mailing, y
  5. Evaluation – Once you gather all the information, do a check list, evaluate it and make a decision. In the evaluation criteria, consider the following: if the programs have the educational quality needed, if they correspond to the needs of the marketplace, if they provide a practical and professional emphasis, and if they are attuned to the demands of the labor market. It is important to choose a university with the accreditations needed in the field being studied. This not only guarantees a high-quality education, but also an opportunity to work in different markets. Universidad Ana G. Méndez boasts the most prestigious accreditations. Click here to see our accreditations.
  6. Start the admissions process – Once the student has made a decision, it is important to start gathering all the information to begin the admissions process. Click here to complete your application online and see the status of your admission. It is also important to fill out the application for financial aid at This is the entity that assigns the funds for which the student qualifies.  Our personnel are available to help in this process, either in person or online.