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Business, Tourism and Entrepreneurship Division

Our Business, Tourism and Entrepreneurship division brings together three important disciplines for the economic development of Puerto Rico. The Business and Entrepreneurship programs focus on helping you develop as a professional, capable of creating, managing, and growing commercial organizations. The Tourism, Hospitality and Culinary Arts offer prepares you to work in one of the economic and service sectors with the greatest potential in Puerto Rico.

Business, Tourism and Entrepreneurship offers programs in all three campuses, all their locations and all modalities at Universidad Ana G. Méndez. Expert professors will guide you to make you an expert in diverse and complex aspects regarding business, entrepreneurship, tourism, hospitality, and creating value, among many other subjects. The faculty will participate as teaching experts and research specialists, exploring issues in a local and global context, and sharing these experiences in the classroom. There are two departments offering innovation and a quality education, with a committed staff and competent students.